Allweb Technologies Inc. is passionate about providing a very easy to use, and secure cloud based service to all the web users for single sign-on password management. Our service performs 2-step online identity verification for all users in real time.

We are New Jersey based high tech company focused on addressing the password overload and identity fraud issues for online web users and enterprises. We pride ourselves on offering a highly secure online identity management eco-system that allows web users to manage their passwords on any computer from anywhere, eliminating the need to remember passwords.

Our management team has extensive experience in managing high growth technology companies, especially in the telecommunications and data security industries. Our team has more than 160 technical publications, as well as 6 patents in scalable digital signal processing.

We have raised the bar for online identity and password management solutions, and have recently been recognized for our innovative technology as the "Best Information Technology Company", at the 2012 New Jersey Technology Council Venture Conference.

Contact Information

  • Allweb Technologies Inc.
  • 211 Warren St., #1019
  • Newark, NJ 07103
  • 908-333-3447

Allweb Technologies in the News

Eurek Alert - AAAS

"The company soon hopes to launch the first and only cloud-based service for password management with the security and convenience of two-step user identity authentication in real time. The system will use biometrics-based user identification."
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"Newark-based Allweb Technologies was best information technology company." See full article

7 Hot Tech Companies to watch Page 20:
"This service will revolutionize the way in which online users manage their passwords, and will add significant security for online identity management in various public and private segments such as Healthcare, Education, and Law Enforcement etc."
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