Sensitive business data is only as secure as each account and access point on the enterprise network. Enterprise networks and websites recognize users by their passwords. They currently have limited or no means to distinguish between an authentic user and a fraud. Whoever provides the right password is considered an authentic user. AllWebID Pro offers the most convenient and secure login mechanism for enterprise users by combining the benefits of single sign-on password management and 2-step user authentication in one offering.

Security and Convenience

Enterprises that need robust 2-factor authentication can leverage AllWebID Pro. It makes 2-factor authentication easy to implement, use, and manage by integrating cloud based identity authentication with Microsoft Active Directory servers. AllWebID Pro enables IT and network administrators to easily protect their sensitive data at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions, by leveraging users’ fingerprints or mobile phones for identity authentication. It eliminates the need for expensive server based single sign-on and 2-factor authentication solutions.

With AllWebID Pro, IT Administrators will be able to ensure the true identity of the user providing the login credentials and minimize lost productivity due to password reset related issues.

Quick Deployment

Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory for automated account provisioning and for unified access with AllWebID Pro. The IT administrators can connect AllWebID Pro with their Active Directory servers in minutes. They can also configure enterprise websites to allow the users access only when their identity is verified. AllWebID can be implemented in phases allowing 2-factor authentication for either selected group of users or for all users.

Ease of Use

AllWebID application user interface is very intuitive and convenient, making it easier for the users to adopt it quickly. A single application provides 2-factor authentication as well as a convenient password management capability. Users can set up very complex passwords for all their log in credentials, and will never have to remember them.

AllWebID Pro is fully integrated with all major web browsers, and always keeps all user profiles synchronized. Users can use their existing corporate credentials and simply add on the 2-factor authentication - it’s that easy! Whenever you log into any corporate website, AllWebID Pro makes a positive identity match before letting you access the website.

Regulatory Compliance

AllWebID Pro helps companies in various industry segments comply with regulatory standards including HIPAA, HEOA etc. Some of the industry segments where AllWebID Pro provides significant value add include:

Healthcare - Electronic Health Records

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Standard 164.312(d) - Person or Entity Authentication:

“Implement procedures to verify that a person or entity seeking access to electronic protected health information is the one claimed.”

This applies to entities including health care providers, health insurance companies, and HMOs. While specific methods or technologies are not explicitly mentioned in the Act, two-factor authentication is the most straightforward and secure way to ensure that medical records are kept safe, and only the right persons will have access to the sensitive health data.

Education - Online Education / Distance Learning

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) HR 4137 (Part H) - Mandate for Distance Education

“Accreditors must require institutions that offer distance education to establish that a student registered for a distance education course is the same student who completes and receives credit for it.”

This applies to institutions offering online education, massive open online courses (MOOCs), as well as institutions conducting online tests. AllWebID Pro is specifically tailored for the online distance learning market. It provides the additional capability to ask users to re-validate their identities at random intervals when taking online tests or assignments. In addition, users can use AllWebID for their entire browsing experience, making it a useful and regularly used utility not a specific solution that they will resist adopting.

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