AllWebID puts your online identity and password management at your fingertips. AllWebID is a cloud based full featured online identity and password manager. It provides you a more secure and quick login to any website and SaaS application. Every AllWebID user gets a dedicated and secure online vault that they can use to manage their login passwords and other personal information.

Finerprint Reader Cloud based 2 Steps User Identity Verification AllWebID not only saves you the hassle of remembering passwords but also protects you from online identity theft, Your AllWebID password manager uses 2 step verification with either biometric authentication or cell phone based authentication to ensure that only YOU can access your secure data. The user verification is performed by combining:
What User Knows – A unique Username


Who User Is – User's unique fingerprint template generated by a fingerprint sensor connected to his computer


What User Has – A unique text message sent by AllWebID on user's cell phone


AllWebID Security and Data Protection AllWebID takes every necessary security measure to make sure confidential information stays secure. Strong end to end encryption always keeps your data secure. AllWebID uses state of the art Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256-bit encryption keys for data storage, along with 256-bit SSL for data transmission. These and several other industry best practices enable you to access and manage your AllWebID data with security and confidence.

Thwarts malicious key logging and phishing attempts

You are always in control of your data. Only you can access it, and only you decide what data to store and when to store it.
Internet Access Without Boundaries You can access your AllWebID data from anywhere and on any windows based computer. You do not need to manually synchronize your data on multiple computers, it always stays synced. AllWebID works with thousands of websites for secure access. We are constantly adding additional website support for your convenience.
AllWebID Strong Password Generator Let's face it: the days of using your child's name or your anniversary as a password are long gone. AllWebID has a great tool for creating strong and unique passwords to keep you safe online. Generate hack-proof passwords with a single click, and let AllWebID remember it for you forever.
Fingerprint sensors Support Multiple Fingerprint Sensors AllWebID is the only identity manager that supports multiple fingerprint sensors for 2-step user authentication. This allows users to access and manage their credentials at home, work, or at any public place using computers with embedded fingerprint sensors as well as USB based sensors. AllWebID currently supports the following fingerprint sensors:

Embedded Sensors:
  • Sensors manufactured by Validity – VFS201, VFS301. These are mostly embedded in laptops from HP
  • Sensors manufactured by UPEK – Mostly embedded in selected laptops from Lenovo (ThinkPad Edge E40, E50, X220), and Panasonic laptops (Toughbook CF-C1, S9)

USB Sensors:
  • Sensors manufactured by UPEK – Eikon, Eikon Solo, Eikon To Go, Eikon Touch 300, Eikon Touch 500, Eikon Touch 700
  • Sensors manufactured by Digital Persona – U.are.U 4500, U.are.U 4000
    And if you do not have a fingerprint sensor, don't worry, you can always access your credentials using the pin sent to your cell phone as a text message.
Never forget your passwords, use AllWebID
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